We are faced with a series of challenges and our response to those challenges will impact Toastmasters for years to come in ways we can’t imagine.

On April 23, vote Michael Bayer for  District Director. I have a 25 year proven track record as an internationally recognized a change expert, helping organizations thrive in times of rapid change and uncertainty.

We are currently living in a world that none of us could’ve imagined on the 1st of January 2020.. The Corona virus crisis has changed the way we work, meet and interact. It has changed our Toastmasters experience. We are all waiting for the world to get back to normal, but we have to ask ourselves: What will normal look and sound like when the crisis has finally passed?

I believe this crisis will cause changes that are generational. The effect it will have on the way we communicate and interact will change forever. There will be a new way, a new norm, of doing business and communicating. In order to grow individually and as an organization we will need to adapt.

How well we adapt will determine our success individually and as an organization.

Choose a leader who is a recognized change expert with over 25 years leading change initiatives in both the US and Canada. On April 23, vote Michael Bayer for District Director

Michael’s Professional Background

Michael’s twelve year background as a senior telecommunications manager in government coupled with over 25 years at the forefront of initiatives in quality management at hospitals and healthcare organizations across the United States and Canada have solidified his reputation as a change agent.

He teaches organizations the living, breathing essential LEAN processes that build successful, self-sustaining corporate cultures of continuous improvement that prosper in the new economic environment. 

In addition to his real-world experience, Michael has a solid educational background. He is a proud graduate of the University of Winnipeg, where he earned Bachelor’s Degrees, in both Science and Business Administration. He received his MBA from California Coast University. He received his LEAN Black Belt for Healthcare from the Institute of Industrial Engineers.

As a speaker, Michael has been recognized by the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers Winnipeg Chapter, who awarded him the Presentation Mastery Award for Speaking Excellence in 2004. He was a 1998 finalist in the World Championship of Public Speaking and was inducted into the Toastmasters International Hall of Fame for Speaking Excellence. He received the Certified Speaking Professional designation from the National Speakers Association in 2009. In 2019 he received the Accredited Speaker designation from Toastmasters International.

Michael is one of only six people world wide and the only Canadian to hold both the Accredited Speaker and Certified Speaking Professional designations.

Michael’s Professional Memberships

Michael is a member of Toastmasters International, The Canadian Association of Professional Speakers and the University of Winnipeg Alumni Association,  He understands that to get great results from volunteers,  employees and trusted partners of any organization, you need to be motivated and lead the change you envision for the organization.

If you would like to chat with Michael please call him at 1-204-237-9257