Does your organization meet the CMS QA/PI standards? Is your organization ready to implement the changes required by the regulations? Do you have the expertise to make this happen?

As a change management expert, Michael Bayer, CSP can help your organization meet the challenges of implementing a dynamic QAPI process and create a culture of continuous improvement. His experience will build a clear vision for your employees, and they will be empowered to drive the organization to a stronger,leaner future. Michael’s goal is to help his clients achieve QAPI goals by becoming LEAN organizations, streamlining processes, increasing customer satisfaction, eliminating waste, and growing their bottom line.

Change is inevitable, and when it is correctly managed it can be is the driver to create creating positive results in your organization. Because of Michael’s presentation style, ranging from the inspirational to the irreverent, he has been dubbed as “The Info-tainer” .
Michael does not present workshops. His audiences participate in experiential labs, working on your real life problems, creating real life solutions. Concepts are learned by having the participants apply the principles in action under Michael and his team’s coaching.
Michael’s team of dedicated consultants are known as “The Implementation People” because they teach you how to use LEAN management strategies to transform your organization on a day to day basis. Talking about change isn’t enough… your company needs a trainer who can motivate and inspire your employees to implement rapid cycle improvement on a continuous basis.

The most requested keynote topic is “The LEAN Approach to QAPI success”. The impeding quality assurance and performance improvement standards will have a major impact on hospitals and long term care organizations. LEAN will help your organization meet these new standards while increasing value for your customers and growing your bottom line.

His most recent book, Michael Bayer’ LEAN for Healthcare, An Owner’s Guide to Improving Patient Satisfaction and financial Performance, Book Two: Kaizen Events: Proven Techniques for Rapid Cycle Improvements was published in April 2014.

As president of The LEAN Consulting Group, Michael Bayer has an MBA and is a certified LEAN Black Belt for Healthcare. He has developed a solid reputation as a change expert among hospitals and healthcare organizations across the United States and Canada.
Michael is a University of Winnipeg graduate, holding Bachelor’s Degrees in both Arts and Science. He received his MBA from California Coast University.

Michael was the founding president of the Manitoba Chapter of The Canadian Association of Professional Speakers. He was also on the Board of Regents of The University of Winnipeg for 6 years and served as the Chair of the Governance Committee.

“Michael developed a LEAN program for our hospital. This involved training both managers and front line staff in LEAN and its application in every department. Two LEAN projects were conducted in an effort to reduce inventory. There was a reduction of $135,000 in pharmacy inventory and $200,000 reduction in OR inventory.”

Richard E. D’Alberto, FACHE,

President & Chief Executive Officer