Laughtership: The New Leadership Principle 

Does your organization have the laughtership skills needed to take it to the next level? Are your employees a creative, motivated, energized, committed team that embraces change?  Do you have the laughtership skills to “bring it all together”?

This program, specifically designed for executives and senior managers will teach you what humour in the workplace really means. You will learn the Principle of Laughtership and how to apply it to your organization.  You will discover how to use laughter, the universal language, to energize, motivate and bring people together, working for a common goal.

The focus, in a customized full-day or half-day workshop, is on transforming your organization into one that includes and values everyone.

 Participants will learn how to:

¤  Develop their laughtership skills;

¤   Appreciate the true meaning of humour in the workplace;

¤   Transform their organizations into a fun place to work; 

¤   Harness the humour-productivity/creativity/learning connections;

¤   Build energized and committed teams;

¤   Use humour as a catalyst for change;

¤   Conduct effective meetings that people want to attend;

¤   Motivate staff through the use of humour; 

¤   Implement laughtership in their organization;

This workshop will bring a positive change to the way people deal with each other and the way they approach their work.

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