The 6 BS* Facts About Customer Service Everyone Thinks Are True

If you are looking to take your customer service to new heights it’s time to try someone different.

Award-winning speaker Michael Bayer, the master of innovation, motivation, magic and mirth will reveal the truth about 6 BS* customer service facts that everyone thinks are true. He will teach you how to drive customer satisfaction to new heights.

Michael focuses on fun, laughter and team building, in a keynote customized to fit your organization’s needs, teaching them how to serve your customers better.

This keynote will teach you how to:

• Identify and understand your Customers’ expectations and satisfy them;

• Identify your Customers’ hidden needs and deliver them; • Understand the real reasons customers complain;
• Learn what to do when you make a mistake;
• Apply the leadership customer service basics;

• Empower everyone to provide exceptional customer service;