The Two Minute Tip: How to Hold Your Colleagues Accountable

During times of rapid change some employees embrace the change while some resist. How can we hold colleagues or co workers accountable especially since we’re not managers. Watch the short video by business keynote speaker Michael Bayer CSP and learn how!

Two Minute Tip: How to Hold Your Peers Accountable

Organizations spend huge resources developing standards of behaviour, yet staff feel powerless when colleagues don’t follow the standards or belittle others for doing so.

The biggest issue for staff in every organization I’ve worked with is how to hold colleagues accountable for their actions and words.

Let’s look at a simple five step process that you can use to hold anyone accountable for their behaviour. Suppose someone has been rude to a customer.

  1. You could say to them:
    “Michael, when I saw you being rude to Mrs. Smith, I felt embarrassed because one of our standards is to always be respectful to our customers.
  2. Wait for a reply.
  3. Once the person has responded say “What I would really appreciate is or what our customers would appreciate is “and tell them.
  4. Wait for their response.
  5. Then say “Can we agree from now on we will”

Think about the situation when someone is being sarcastic or making rude comments about you. They could be referring to you personally, your promotion or special assignment to name a few.

How can you confront them?

  1. You could say to them “Michael, I heard what you said about me or my promotion or my special assignment and then tell them how you feel be it sad, disappointed, frustrated, worried, stressed or embarrassed.
  2. Wait for their reply.
  3. Once they have replied, continue by saying” I would really appreciate it if you would…. and tell them what you want them to do.
  4. Wait again for their response.
  5. Then say “Can we agree from now on…”

It’s not easy to confront colleagues about unacceptable behaviour but it’s everyone’s responsibility. Why does this model work? Because it focuses on the unacceptable behaviour. Not on the rules or why there are rules but why the individual isn’t following the rules. It puts the onus on them to explain their behaviour and correct it. Try this simple model and see how it can make a difference in your working relationships.

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