The Two Minute Tip: How to Hold Your Manager Accountable


The Two Minute Tip- How to Hold Your Manager Accountable

 In times of rapid and unrelenting change we are held accountable by our managers for our conduct and performance.

But who’s holding the managers accountableA question I’m frequently asked is “How do I hold my manger accountable when they don’t get things done?”

Its takes courage to initiate the process and confront your manager but it will make a profound positive difference in your relationship with them. Your manager may not even be aware of your concern and how it’s affecting your performance and maybe even your attitude.

It’s a simple five step process.

  1.  Start by describing the situation as you saw or heard it. “Mr. Bayer, you said you were going to…and tell them your issue and then say was disappointed (or perhaps frustrated, or stressed) when you didn’t do it.
  2. Wait for a response.
  3. Once you have a response, open by saying “What would be really helpful to our working relationship is…” and then tell them.
  4. Wait for a response
  5. Then close by saying “Can we agree from now on… “ and state the action you have both just agreed to take.

 Use these simple steps and see the positive difference it can make in your relationship with your manager.

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